Nokia Asha 201 - Access codes

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Access codes
The security code helps to protect your phone against unauthorised use. You can

create and change the code, and set the phone to request the code. Keep the code

secret and in a safe place separate from your phone. If you forget the code and your

phone is locked, your phone will require service. Additional charges may apply, and


Basic use

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all the personal data in your phone may be deleted. For more information, contact a

Nokia Care point or your phone dealer.

The PIN code supplied with the SIM card protects the card against unauthorised use.

The PIN2 code supplied with some SIM cards is required to access certain services. If

you enter the PIN or PIN2 code incorrectly three times in succession, you are asked

for the PUK or PUK2 code. If you do not have them, contact your service provider.

The module PIN is required to access the information in the security module of your

SIM card. The signing PIN may be required for the digital signature. The barring

password is required when using the call barring service.

To set how your phone uses the access codes and security settings, select